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 About us

Church Society exists to promote a biblical faith which shapes both the Church of England and the society in which we live for the sake of Christ. We invite you to join us in working for a biblical Church.

The Society is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

We are a membership organization and it is our members who support the work financially and undertake much of the work.

Objects, work and organization

Events including Conferences

History and forebears of Church Society

Finance, bequests and accounts

Managed funds and properties

Links to other organizations

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Further details of some of the pages listed above:

Objects, work and organization



History and forebears

Charitable Trusts Managed by Church Society

Properties held in Trust by Church Society

Other interests

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About Church Society

Bullet Objects work and organization

Bullet Events including Conferences

Bullet History and forebears

Bullet Finance, bequest and accounts

Bullet Managed funds and properties


Bullet Links to other organizations

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