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 About us - Legacies & Bequests

We are grateful to God that over the years Church Society has benefited so much in its ongoing work from the gifts of faithful members who have entered into rest.

Download this page as a leaflet.

I bequeath...

Since in glory the saints have no need of the things of this world, Christians have been eager and willing to bequeath some or all of their earthly belongings to ongoing Christian work. Of course for many their chief concern must be to ensure proper provision for their immediate family but even then it is not unusual for specific gifts to be designated for charities or churches in a will.

In all the areas of its work Church Society has benefited from such generosity. We also have the privilege of administering particular funds and properties that have been entrusted to us for the benefit of others. The Society and its forebears have weathered many storms over the last 170 years. Our clear doctrinal basis, rich history, and a determination to remain faithful to Christ and to our heritage, have given people the confidence to entrust such things to us.

Church Society upholds the reformed principles of the Church of England and will continue to do so whatever lies ahead for the Church itself. We are committed unequivocally to the reformation principles of Scripture alone and faith alone. We desire to live this out today but without losing the riches of our heritage - the faith once delivered to the Saints.

In view of these things we would encourage you to consider making provision for Church Society in your will.

To find out more about the work of Church Society.

Giving through your will

Whilst bequests and gifts for the general work of the Society are simplest it is perfectly possible to make a gift for a specific area of work if preferred.

The majority of people die without making a will and in these cases others make the decisions about how their estate is divided up. If you have life insurance, investments, a house or whatever, it is wise to make a will and keep it up to date. This is particularly important where you wish to make provision for a spouse or children.

If you are considering drawing up a will then please do think about making provision for the continuing work of Church Society.

If you already have a will.

If you already have a will and do not wish to make another then you can supplement it with a codicil. Like a will this should be signed in the presence of witnesses and it should be kept with the original will.

Download an example Codicil

Although it is possible to produce a will yourself the general advice is to ensure it is done properly through a Solicitor. It may be worth asking around to find out about costs first.

A legacy or bequest to Church Society is free of all inheritance taxes.


Different ways to give.
There are several different ways to make provision for Church Society:
A specific bequest – you leave a specific sum of money (a pecuniary gift), or an asset, investment or percentage of your estate.
A residuary legacy – once all the debts, taxes and costs have been met a percentage (or the whole) of the residuary is given.
A reversionary legacy – you make provision for a dependent during their lifetime, but when they die the estate reverts in whole or part to the Society.


Typical wording:
You may find it useful to take this leaflet to a Solicitor if you are thinking of making provision for Church Society.

This wording is unlikely to be of use to anyone outside the UK.

A pecuniary gift:
I give the sum of £(amount in figures and words) to Church Society (Registered charity number 249574) of Dean Wace House,16 Rosslyn Road, Watford WD18 0NY...

A specific gift :
I give (full description including location) to Church Society…

A residuary gift :
I give the whole / (a specific amount e.g. one-half, 20%) share of the residue of my estate to Church Society…

In each case there should then follow something like:
…and the receipt of the Company Secretary of the Society, or other authorised officer, shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my executors.

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