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 About us - our work

What Does Church Society Do?

The work of Church Society can be divided up into four areas.

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See the conference page

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Our range of titles is intended to teach and spread a biblical faith. Some literature is popular, others more academic, but all is intended to equip the people of God and build up His Kingdom.

Churchman, the journal of Anglican theology, which has been published since 1879, addresses important issues at an academic level.

Cross+Way magazine contains a range of informative articles on topical subjects, news and comment relevant to all Christians.

An English Prayer Book is a complete book of reformed worship in contemporary English produced jointly with Oxford University Press.

(This is now out of print but the complete text is on the website which can be downloaded - see: An Engish Prayer Book

Supplementing the regular publications we produce a range of booklets and leaflets on:

  • Parish affairs such as Charities Act and Appointments
  • Current issues such as sexuality and marriage
  • Church matters such as authority, liturgical revision and ARCIC
  • Doctrine, especially the doctrinal foundation of the Church of England

We also have a video based study guide on Holy Communion entitled Be Thankful.

We also have an e-mail news service EVNEWS.

To find out more or to purchase any of our publications, please visit the publications section.

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Supporting Local Churches

We exist to support, resource and defend the local Church as the best place to carry forward the gospel.
In particular through Church Society Trust we are involved in appointing clergy to a number of parishes and in putting Bible believing ministers in touch with prospective congregations.

In view of some of the issues facing the wider Church, people look to Church Society to work on their behalf. We help people work together and act as a voice and an advocate for parishes so that they are not diverted from their primary task as a local Church.

          Church Society:

  • Defends the local Church
  • Appoints clergy
  • Gives help and advice
  • Resources Churches
  • Provides pastoral support and encouragement
  • Financially supports theological training
  • Holds property in trust
  • Owns three proprietary chapels
  • Manages funds on behalf of Churches
  • Provides preachers and speakers
  • Is a voice and an advocate for you


Church Society Trust has been entrusted with the patronage of 113 livings located in most dioceses in England. In collaboration with Bishops and Parish representatives, Church Society Trust seeks to appoint godly men and, once they are licensed, to support them in ensuring the pastoral care of the parish. The Society also acts as Trustees for four other churches and in each case the Trust is involved in the appointment of their clergy.

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We are actively involved in the structure of the Church, with the media and where necessary through Parliament. We respond to issues as they arise but also provide positive teaching and comment on what the Christian life means in practical terms.

See : Issues pages for a range of materia on various issues.

Wherever possible we work alongside others but there is no other organisation which campaigns on such a wide range of issues affecting the Church.

See : Links to other organizations.

Members of Church Society are involved at all levels of church government and the Society provides briefings, advice and other resource material.

The media look to the Church for a clear Christian voice on current issues. Church Society provides such a voice.

See Press Releases

Also visit our news pages and EVNEWS.

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Administration of Trusts

The Society administers a number of trusts. Most of these relate to particular churches and often involve the trusteeship of properties. The Society, and its predecesors were entrusted with these assets in order to ensure that they would continue to be used in accordance with the wishes of the benefactors. This trust is something we take very seriously.

See a list of all the funds and properties we administer.

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