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  Objectives of Church Society

The following objectives are as set out in our Memorandum of Association as agreed in June 1950 and last amended in July 1966.

a) To maintain the doctrine and worship of the Church of England as set forth in the 39 Articles of Religion, and the Book of Common Prayer, as reviewed and adopted in 1662, and to uphold the supreme and exclusive sufficiency and authority of Holy Scripture as containing all things necessary for salvation.

b) To maintain the character of the Church of England as the National Church and also as one of the Reformed Churches of Christendom and in the case of the disestablishment of the Church of England to take such action as may be deemed by the Society to be best fitted to promote the objects of the foregoing sub-clause in such disestablished church or any branch thereof.

c) To unite all members of the Church of England of a Church within the Anglican Communion who desire to maintain the doctrine and worship of the Church of England on the basis of the foregoing sub-clauses.

d) To resist all efforts to reinstate in the Church of England the sacrifice of the Mass, adoration of the Presence of Christ in or under the form of the consecrated elements, reservation of the Sacrament, cultus of the Virgin Mother of our Lord, Image worship, and all like usages renounced by the Church of England at the time of the Reformation.

e) To promote or oppose or join in promoting or opposing legislative or other measures affecting or likely to affect any of the objects of the Society, and to contribute to or bear the expenses of any action or proceeding in any Court or in Parliament affecting any such objects.

f) To promote friendly relations with other Protestant Churches, and to strive for reunion of Christendom on the basis of the supreme authority of Holy Scripture as God’s Revelation of His will for man.

g) To found, manage, control and maintain, promote and assists schools and colleges, communities or other institutions. Provided that all such schools, colleges, communities or other institutions religious instruction is given in the doctrines of the Church of England, and the duties devolving therefrom in conformity with the principles of the Church of England as above indicated, and generally to uphold and advance scriptural religious study and education according to the said principles of the Church of England, and to promote in all ways education where such scriptural religious instruction is given.

h) To organise meetings, and courses of lectures, arrange for sermons train preachers and lecturers and teachers to give instruction and spread information regarding the doctrine, practice, teaching and history of the Church of England, and to give them assistance, pecuniary or otherwise, in their training and preparation and to use other means as may promote such instruction and information.

i) To print, publish, sell or cause to be printed, published, sold and, if thought fit, to distribute gratuitously, books, booklets, leaflets, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or newspapers, magazines, or other periodicals, calculated to advance the objects set forth above or to prevent the introduction into the services of doctrines, teachings and practices, subversive of or contrary to the principle of the Church of England as above indicated.

j) To extend assistance in their parochial or other work to Clergy who are in sympathy with the principles of the Church of England as above indicated; to make provision for necessitous clergy, their widows, children, or other dependents; to found and maintain Convalescent Homes and Hostels; and in other ways to set forward, aid, or maintain in whole or in part, works of piety and charity in connection with the Church of England and the members thereof.

k) To take over and carry on in continuity the work now being done by an unicorporated society known as the “National Church League”, and the other unicorporated Societies of which it is composd, viz., the Protestant Association, the Protestant Educational Institute, the Protestant Churchmen’s Alliance, the Ladies’ League, the Church of England League, the National Protestant Church Union, the Union of Clerical and Lay Associations, and the Church of England Clerical and Lay Association (Midland District), and to take over the work of other Societies now or hereafter existing, having the same objects as the Society or similar objects, and to represent the said societies and each of them for all purposes.

l) To take over such of the assets and liabilities of such Societies as may lawfully be taken over by the Society and rights of patronage associated with them or any of them and for that purpose to take such steps, execute such orders for that purpose to take such steps, execute such documents and obtain such orders from any competent authority as will best enable such assets to become vested in the Society or in trustees for the Society.

m) To acquire, whether by gift or otherwise, and to hold and administer the Patronage of livings in the Church of England.

n) If thought fit to conform, fulfil and carry out any regulations, conditions, or provisions whatsoever, which will or may enable the Society to receive any contributions, grants or benefits of any description, whether from the Exchequer, the Board of Education, any local or other authority, or from any person or persons, body, association, or corporation in respect of the work of the Society.

o) To accept any such grants or payments as aforesaid and generally to raise, expend, invest and accumulate funds and income for the objects of the Society, and in particular to obtain and accept money and property including land for the objects of the Society from the public at large whether by means of public meetings, entertainments, sales of work, or otherwise, and by way of subscriptions, donations, bequests, devises or otherwise, with power to spend money in advertisements and appeals, and generally for the above purposes. Provided that the Society shall not engage in any commercial activity other than of a transitory nature, and in particular not in any form of illegal gambling or lottery.

p) To purchase, take or lease, hire or otherwise acquire any real or personal property and any rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Society or its work, subject as to land to the provisions of the above-mentioned Section.

q) To build, or assist in building, churches, chapels, mission rooms, houses, schools, colleges, homes, or other buildings, and to maintain, alter and improve the same, including existing buildings and to furnish and equip the same.

r) To sell, improve, manage, develop, lease, accept surrender of leases, exchange, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property for the time being of the Society with a view to the furtherance of its objects, and to borrow or raise money at interest on the issue of or upon bonds, debentures, debenture stock or other obligations or securities of the Society or upon mortgage or charge of the property of the Society or otherwise in such manner as may seem expedient, and to act as guarantors in the raising of money for the advancement of any of the objects of the Society.

s) To invest the moneys of the Society not immediately required for its purposes in or upon such investments, securities or property as may be thought fit, subject nevertheless to such conditions (if any) and such consents (if any) as may for the time being be imposed or required by law and subject also as hereinafter provided.

t) To pay officers, clerks, and servants of the Society, and to make payments for their insurance, and to establish, continue, and maintain a Pension fund or funds, or assist in establishing, continuing and maintaining a Pension fund or funds from which Grants may be made for the support and maintenance of employees of the Society who are incapacitated by age or otherwise from work, or for the support of their widows and children, of for providing annuities or yearly payments to such employees, provided that the Society shall not carry on any insurance or reinsurance business within the Assurance Companies Act, 1909, or the Industrial Assurance Act, 1923, or any Act extending or re-enacting the same.

u) To take over any existing trusts relating to any of the objects of the Society and also to act as custodian trustee and to undertake and execute any trust or agency business which is directly or indirectly conducive to the objects of the Society.

v) To amalgamate with or enter into partnership or any arrangement for union or interests, joint adventure, reciprocal concessions or co-operation whether financial or otherwise with any person, body or persons, Society or Company carrying on or engaged in or about to carry on or engage in any business or transaction calculated directly or indirectly to benefit the Society, and which by its constitution prohibits the distribution of its income and property amongst its members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the Society by Clause 5 hereof. Or (notwithstanding anything herein-before contained) to take or otherwise acquire and hold shares, stocks or securities of, and to subsidise or otherwise assist any such Company an to sell, hold, re-issue with or without guarantee, or otherwise deal with such shares, stocks or securities, also to appoint persons to serve on any Committee or managing body of any such body of persons, society or company, and to appoint managers, inspectors, and other officials of schools, colleges or other institutions, whether held or managed by the Society or not. Provided that no action taken in accordance with this or any other sub-clause shall detract from the charitable nature of the Society or permit the support by any means of any purpose which is not charitable.

w) To provide and maintain an organization or organizations with branches and local committees, and whether at home or abroad for all or any of the foregoing objects.

x) Generally to do all such other lawful things as are necessary to the attainment of any of the above objects.


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