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Welcome to Church Society

Church Society is a democratic organisation that exists to represent our members and their interests in the Church of England. We are working to foster evangelical unity and promote understanding of the Reformed faith, for the greater good of both the church and the wider culture.

To catch Church Society's vision for the Church of England, please read this article, by Church Society member, Matt Graham:

Stay in Noah's Ark, or Get into the Lifeboat?

Or listen to the talks by Lee Gatiss and Peter Adam from the 2013 Church Society Conference: Reformed Foundations, Reforming Future.

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Lee Gatiss, Director




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Friday 1st February 2013

The Origin of the Thirty-nine Articles. Churchman article by
Mark Thompson, issue 1, 2011

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Thursday 31st January 2013

Songs for Saplings CDs back in stock

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Wednesday 30th January 2013

Bible Exposition - Amos 4.
By John Cheeseman, Cross†Way article, Autumn 2012

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Monday 28th January 2013

Principles of Theology - by W. H. Griffith Thomas - Article 10 - The Teaching of the Article

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Friday 25th January 2013

1662 and all that. CD's of Lee Gatiss's talk at the Westminster Conference 2012 now available for purchase

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Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Commissioning Service of Lee Gatiss as Director of Church Society. For details:

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